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We are Reveles. Hope Is our strategy.

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

“Hope is not a strategy” is an adage often repeated by people ranging from corporate leaders to football coaches. We understand. The line is memorable. It sounds smart and tough. But the truth is that it lacks heart. And vision.

At Reveles, we’re not opposed to thinking or planning. We put a lot of time into both every day. And we’re not naive. We’re accomplished professionals in the life sciences. We know ours is a high-stakes industry with little tolerance for whimsy. But we are also committed to challenging the status quo. We are purposeful about it. And, the truth is that our strategy is founded on hope.

We’re not ashamed to say it. Plenty of great work is done based on hope . . .

  • What compels the seriously ill to pursue the inconvenience of participating in a clinical trial?

  • What drives the exhausted parent of a child living with a rare disease to spend another night scouring the Internet?

  • Why does the research scientist return to the lab day after day, year after year?

Believing that at least part of the answer to the questions above is “hope,” we are building a company committed to serving people who will not give up — those who pursue, cling to, and live on hope.

Reveles is a contract research organization (CRO) — at least that’s what organizations similar to ours are typically called. But we are different enough to deserve a different name. We think of ourselves as a collaborative research organization. Like traditional CROs you already know, our business is to help accelerate drug discovery and clinical development. But here’s how we’re different:

  • We are accelerating discovery and clinical development by enabling patients who could never get to a site to participate in clinical research from the comfort and security of their homes.

  • We are advancing health by ensuring that clinical research has the benefit of input from all members of society, including those who have been excluded or underrepresented.

  • We are expanding the power and reach of hope for everyone, no matter who they are or where they live.

  • We are working to empower patients and clients to achieve their full potential.

If you, like us, are stakeholders in the clinical trial industry who hope to accomplish more for more people, let us hear from you. The more of us who work together, the more we will accomplish.

Here’s to hope, and to bringing it closer to home.

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