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No, Reveles is Not a Tech Company. We're All About People.

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

It’s happened more than once to us at Reveles. Someone asks about who we are and what we do, clearly expecting to hear a story about a tech company. When we tell them that Reveles is a service company, they seem disappointed.

We’re getting used to it, but we’re not okay with it.

Sure, we employ technology at Reveles. The best available. We appreciate the efficiency and economy technology provides as much as any other company does—and as much as we appreciate every other tool that helps us fulfill our mission. But technology is not our mission or our focus. It’s not the subject we lead within a conversation or the reason we think you should be interested in us. Our purpose and our story are bigger—and better than that.

Reveles is a service company in an industry built to provide care. In the US alone, we have more than 328 million people to care for. Technology can help us get the job done, but technology is not our mission.

We are a people-focused company in an industry long said to be in pursuit of “patient-centricity.” We don’t believe that goal is well served when a company is “technology-centric.”

We get it. What’s new is always sexy, and always the focus of attention. But it’s also always changing. People, on the other hand, are fundamental, and the value and importance of serving them well are enduring.

It’s our aim at Reveles to become the preeminent provider of, and collaborator for, decentralized (in-home) clinical research solutions. That will certainly require the use of technology, but it will be people we will rely on day in and day out, nurses, pharmacists, NPs, PAs, and many other professionals who can be trusted to perform faithfully even when technology fails.

Decentralized and hybrid trials are fundamentally built on the principle of people providing services to people. When something doesn’t work, when someone needs help, when there is a problem, people turn to people.

Today, while we as an industry and society work to strengthen our healthcare system and build out innovative ideas like decentralized trials, we invite people to turn to us at Reveles. No matter what the top tech of the moment is, we’ll be here, ready to help.

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