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Innovating Patient Engagement, Recruitment
& Retention

Reveles offers a range of Patient Engagement, Recruitment, and Retention services to support the drug discovery and clinical development process. Our dedicated team brings a rigorous approach to our efforts which allows us to establish deep, holistic, and long-term partnerships with our clients to ensure the optimization of their clinical trials. 

Creativity & Authenticity

We don't just execute tasks - we innovate. Our unique approach to representation in discovery integrates creativity with an authentic flair, making us stand out in the crowd.

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Understanding Diversity
Our Work
Awards & Press

We go beyond merely acknowledging differing perspectives. Our holistic approach embraces diversity in all its complexity, recognizing its pivotal role in shaping the healthcare ecosystem.

Award-Winning Expertise

Our team is renowned for their accomplishments in diverse fields, ranging from digital strategy to media and education. Their extensive, diverse project portfolio is a testament to our capabilities.


Our strategic approaches meld cutting-edge data technology with resourceful design to deliver unmatched solutions.


At Reveles, we're more than a service provider; we're your partner in orchestrating transformational shifts in patient engagement for decentralized clinical trials.


We're not just facilitating services; we're crafting experiences and fostering valuable relationships.


Step into the future of patient engagement and recruitment with Reveles - your gateway to the unprecedented in the scientific industry.


Community Outreach Program

Fostering relationships within local communities.


Study Website

Comprehensive information hub for your clinical trials.


Office Materials

Brochures, Study Visit Guides, Flyers, and more for enhanced visibility.


Patient Outreach Advocacy Program

Championing patient rights and spreading awareness.


Digital Ads

Effective promotions via Social Media and Search Engines.


Medical professional Outreach Program

Engaging diverse healthcare providers for a collaborative approach.

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Our patient engagement and recruitment services include:
  • Identifying patients and care providers with specific therapeutic conditions using engaging digital and social media marketing campaigns

  • Leveraging Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and other channels to ensure BIPOC patients are informed, engaged, and ready to participate in your clinical trial

  • Field-based recruitment approaches, including community outreach programs, patient advocacy outreach programs, and medical professional outreach programs

  • Providing patient inclusion and diversity-centric recruitment materials, including study websites, digital ads, and office materials

  • On-site or virtual site support, including medical chart/EMR/database review, pre and secondary screening, patient follow-up and scheduling, and referral management

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Download our brochure to discuss with your team. We look forward to hearing form you!

Our new technology closes the access gap, minimizing patient burden and enhancing recruitment and retention for decentralized clinical trials. We leverage integrated technologies such as telehealth, eConsent, mobile apps, and wearable devices to provide innovative solutions that close the access gap and minimize patient burden.

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